Queen Camel Medical Centre

Important Update for Patients Who Receive Medication from Queen Camel Medical Centre

Thank you for bearing with us while we extend the Dispensary at Queen Camel. This letter contains important information regarding the upcoming works which may affect when you are able to collect your medication and how we will be dealing with medication queries when the existing Dispensary is relocated within the building.


What Works Are Taking Place?

The existing Dispensary is being extended and on completion there will be a separate entrance to allow patients to enter the Dispensary from the car park directly. There will also be a medication collection machine which will enable patients to collect their medication when the Dispensary is closed (please see below for more information if you are interested in this service).


Why is it Necessary to Extend the Existing Dispensary?

The Dispensary is busier than ever with increasing numbers of patients on larger numbers of medications and it has become clear that the current Dispensary needs to be extended to create a larger, more efficient space with increased capacity to meet these demands.


When is the Work Taking Place?

Work started at the beginning of January and will continue until June 2024. The main entrance will be closed for the duration of the works and until completion please continue to access the building by the side entrance.

In March the current Dispensary will be closing and relocating upstairs. The Dispensary hatch will shut and medication collection will be available from the main Reception counter.

The current timetable for the closure of the existing Dispensary is as follows:

Friday 15th March:                             1pm Dispensary closes

Saturday 16th March:                        8.45am to 11.00am (Collection from Main Reception)

Monday 18th March to June 2024: Medication to be collected from Main Reception Counter Only


How do I speak to a Dispenser to discuss my medication?

If you have a medication query, we would ask you to use the online service in the first instance but if it is necessary to speak to a Dispenser we would ask patients to ring the Dispensary phone number rather than ask at Main Reception. Every medication query slows down the Dispensing process for other patients and with Dispensers working away from the Main Reception, dealing with queries in person will not be possible. To allow improved access on the telephone during this period we have extended the opening times of the Dispensary phone line as below:

01935 850379 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm

(Monday 18th March until June 2024 only)


How do I register to use the collection machine?

The medication collection machine will be suitable to be used by most of our patients. When medication is ready for collection and stored in the machine, a text will be sent to the registered mobile number with a unique pin number and this number can be entered into the machine and the medication can be collected.

The patients who unfortunately will not be able to use the facility are those patients on medication that needs to be refrigerated, controlled medications or patients on a large number of items. There will be a contactless payment facility so for patients who pay for their medication this will be possible.

If you are interested in registering to use the machine then please email the following address and further information will follow in due course.

[email protected]


What Happens if I Need Urgent Medication During the Works?

We are planning for the Dispensary to function as normal during the extension work and we will endeavour to continue to provide the best possible service to our patients. If medication is needed urgently this will be provided if in stock but we would also ask that patients only request medication urgently if there is an urgent need. Acute prescriptions will be provided as normal (for example for antibiotics) but patients will have to wait in the waiting room for the medication to be prepared and brought down for collection. We are hopeful that the relocation of the Dispensary will not disrupt our ability to prepare medications in a timely manner but if you are experiencing delays the Dispensary staff may offer to provide a paper prescription that can be fulfilled at a community pharmacy of your choice.


Thank you


Queen Camel Medical Centre